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3 Tile Trends for Baths

Posted on June 10, 2011 by ejarrell

Loctus flower design

Today’s baths take strides beyond function into the realm of beauty and solace. Take a look at the top 4 trends in tile that are so beautiful and luxurious they are likely to stay around for while.

Homeowners are pulling inspiration from all corners of the globe to create custom bathrooms. These destination baths pull  motifs from age-old favorites like Greece and Egypt to newly appreciated artistic traditions from Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka. Since custom tiles carry the advantage of personalization, don’t rely on what’s “in.” Pull inspiration from your personal travels and speak with your craftsman for designs that are special to you.

When creating your custom tiles, think beyond traditional square patterns. Even elongated rectangles are a welcomed step from the ordinary. Get daring with forms that are unexpected; if the pattern fits together, it can be turned into a tile.

Also, consider using relief work, embossing, and other three dimensional features in your tiles to add texture and depth. ThinkGlass creates custom glass tiles that are stunning and environmentally conscious. For other recommendations on tiles, design, and more for your bath contact Kitchen Distributors at 303.795. 0665.

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