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6 Kid-Friendly Kitchen & Baths

Posted on August 30, 2012 by jlamberski

Clean, comfortable and fun. These are usually the priorities when designing a home around kids. But with today’s innovative storage solutions, technologically advanced materials and custom design options, there’s no reason why a family home can’t have a designer look. Here are our ideas for 6 design solutions that can help you achieve beautiful kitchens and baths that are also kid-friendly.


1. Keep Them Close: Ensure there is plenty of counter space with a large kitchen table or island where kids can draw or do homework while you work in the kitchen.

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2. Encourage Creativity: Use chalk paint to create a fun message and drawing board.

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3. Invite Their Friends: Banquettes and booth seating are perfect for kid-friendly kitchens because they can always fit more little bodies.

kid-friendly kitchen


4. Give Them a Boost: Add a custom pull-out stepping stool for easy sink access.

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5. Keep it in Reach: Opt for lots of open storage; this will also make the bathroom feel more spacious.

bathroom design trends

6. Let Them Splash: All-tile walls and a large, step-in shower let kids enjoy bath time while keep clean-up easy and stress free.

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The certified designers at Kitchen Distributors in Colorado can help you make the design decisions that will leave you with a beautiful family home that meets your household’s needs while reflecting your individual personalities. Learn more about our interior design services by contacting Kd. in Denver and Littleton at 888.460.4496.



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