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Cabinet Doors 101

Posted on April 14, 2011 by ejarrell

Glasgow 231 Overlays by Greenfield

There are two basic styles of cabinet doors, inset and overlay. Once you have determined which style you prefer, then you can select the design that is right for you.

Inset Cabinet Doors Inset doors are set into the cabinet’s frame. Within this category there are two types of inset doors and drawers. Beaded insets have a decorative edge lining whereas flush insets do not have the decorative edge.

Overlay Cabinet Doors Overlay doors set atop of the frame and are given their name because there is an overlay of the door or drawer and the frame. Within this category are regular and full overlays. Regular overlays leave a bit of the frame exposed around the door or drawer whereas full overlays completely cover the frame. The edges of drawer and cabinet overlays touch.

Kitchen Distributors carries a selection of inset and overlay cabinetry from top designers in the industry. For more details, visit our showroom or our website.

Image Source: Greenfield Cabinetry

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