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Chef Bolton Tests the Zona Cucina Kd. Kitchen Series

Posted on October 19, 2011 by jlamberski

A product of Kd. designers Terry Guinn and Troy Williams, the Zona Cucina Series kitchen suited Chef Jeff Bolton of Second Home like a nice red wines suits an osso bucco. Chef Bolton, as we covered in our last post, came to the Kd. showroom in Littleton, Colorado to prepare a meal for a special feature in Modern in Denver magazine.

The Zona Cucina embodies efficiency and sustainability, which could not have been more appropriate for a chef who only uses the freshest, locally grown ingredients. The new modern series of Heritage Custom Cabinetry, Blum Dynamic Space interior features and the five-star Gaggenau steam, warming and wall ovens save significant space in the 100-square-foot kitchen while offering ultimate function and accessibility. The clean, contemporary look of the Zona Cucina kitchen that is reminiscent of a loft-style apartment is far from stuffy. The kitchen’s simplicity and warm accents parallels Bolton’s idea of a fine-dining atmosphere that’s comfortable yet sophisticated. All in all, the seamless look made for seamless cooking, tested and approved by Jeff Bolton himself.



To see the full article with photos of Chef Jeff Bolton and the inclusion of one of his recipes, purchase a copy of the magazine at select retailers in Denver and Boulder including Barnes and Nobles and Whole Foods or subscribe for Modern in Denver online. For more on Kd. designers and their projects, subscribe to our blog, “like” Kitchen Distributors on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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