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Colorado Homes Interviews Kd. Designer Troy Williams

Posted on September 20, 2011 by jlamberski

It’s Troy Williams’ turn now. Last month, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine interviewed Kd. designer Jed MacKenzie. Now for the September/October 2011 issue, CH&L interviewed another one of our expert designers, Troy Williams. The interview had Troy sharing his design philosophy, techniques and latest inspirations.

Troy keeps it simple. “Don’t overcomplicate things,” he says. Simplicity, comfort and purpose are what define Troy’s designs, and the key to achieving all three, he explains, is planning. Troy helps homeowners discover what means most to them in their finished kitchen or bathroom and what steps they must take to get there. The function and the way space is used are determined by an overall layout, a plan, which is where Troy’s expertise really comes into play. The details, then, are added to bring the character to the space whether it’s a piece of art or an antique furnishing that the homeowner wants to include. As Troy puts it, comfort comes from the homeowner feeling emotionally connected to the space.

The result, Troy says, is that “Each home and each client is different.”

The various types of natural stone available and the latest technology and trends in countertops and cabinetry are where Troy currently finds the most inspiration. Capco Tile & Stone Denver is always one of his stops, and Troy also seeks out the newest counter materials and contemporary-style cabinetry that offer innovative interior features for storage.

If you would like to work with Troy Williams on your kitchen or bathroom remodel, contact Kitchen Distributors at 303.795.0665 or stop by the showroom at 1309 West Littleton Boulevard in Littleton, Colorado.

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