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Design Secrets Revealed: 6 Principles of Minimalism

Posted on May 23, 2012 by jlamberski

True minimalist design does not simply mean less of everything. Rather, it means less visible storage and more hidden storage and less focal points and more wow-factor with those focal points. In other words, it’s actually a balance of less and more.

As interior designer Pangaea explains in a Houzz article on minimalism, “It is about getting the greatest impact through careful editing and restraint.” Adapted from Pangaea’s Houzz article, here are the 6 key principles to follow to in order to achieve a successful minimalist design.

1. Choose striking, high-quality materials that make a statement on their own.

Quaker Bluff Residence modern bathroom

2. Opt for simple furnishings with clean lines.

Kitchen Distributors contemporary kitchen

3. Create open layouts with plenty of space.

Larkin Street Residence modern living room

4. Where possible, let architecture and views take precedence.

Interior shots modern home office

5. Add subtle contrasts and accents.

Kitchen Distributors contemporary kitchen


6. Let one or two eye-catching piece become a strong focal point.

Miami Townhouse modern dining room


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