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Dispelling 5 Kitchen Design Myths

Posted on September 17, 2012 by jlamberski

As Andre Rothblatt, a renowned San Francisco architect once said, “Designing a kitchen is not rocket science, but it is the most complicated room in the house.” There are many ways to approach a kitchen remodel, but here are some myths to be weary of, which were inspired by a recent Food & Wine article.

Myth #1:  Sustainability can only be achieved with ultra high-end, minimalist kitchen designs.

Truth: Eco-friendly kitchens can come in any budget and in any style.

Myth #2: A kitchen should be designed around the “work triangle.”

Truth: As appliances evolve, so does the kitchen floor plan and the “work triangle” will not always be the most functional approach in every kitchen design.

Myth #3: Upper cabinets are typically the best place to store dishware.

Truth: Upper cabinetry is not necessary when you have deep drawers, racks, dividers and other storage solutions available in today’s market.

Myth #4: Stainless steel appliances should only be used in more contemporary and modern kitchen designs.

Truth: Stainless steel appliances are a trend with staying-power and can be incorporated in even the most traditional of kitchens.

Myth #5: The more appliances there are, the better.

Truth: More appliances mean less counter space and storage space; caution should be used when choosing appliances, as some are more trendy than they are necessary and take up valuable real estate.


The key to achieving a stylish and functional kitchen is to find the right designer with the creativity, knowledge and experience to meet your needs and wants. As Andre Rothblatt also noted, “The best designs require a lot of coordination and knowledge of technical and practical applications of which first-time kitchen remodeler won’t be aware.”


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