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Double Duty: Kitchen Offices

Posted on April 22, 2013 by kitchendistributors

kicthen office

Kitchen offices can be both chic and functional

If you have limited space available or simply spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a combined kitchen office could be the perfect option for you. There are a variety of ways to incorporate the concept into your home.

  • Place a desk at the end of a long kitchen countertop away from cooking activities. Whenever necessary, you can store office supplies away to make use of the countertop space.
  • Set up a stand-up message center where families can leave reminders and notes for each other. Include shelves for agendas, recipes and take-out menus. Have drawers for pens, pencils, paper clips and spare change.
  • Create a multi-task hub that serves as a writing desk, computer station and first aid center. Include a small but sufficient desk, cabinets for office items and storage space for emergency supplies.
  • A kitchen office can be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, when it’s formed from high quality wood cabinets and ornamental features such as decorative brackets, attractive paneling and a beadboard.

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image via amoroso design via houzz

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