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Eco-Friendly: Countertop Drying Racks for Dishes

Posted on April 16, 2013 by kitchendistributors

drying rack

A countertop dish drying rack is convenient and “green”

Drying dishes on your kitchen countertop is a good way to save electricity and water by not using a dishwasher every day. But there are a variety kitchen dish racks available for your countertop ranging from the classic style, to the collapsible type that flattens for easy storage.

The collapsible dish rack can be used on the counter or suspended over your sink.  This style has ends that pullout to adjust to your sink. It works well over a divided sink where one section is used for washing, and dishes are rinsed and drained over the other half.  A modern rack with “V” shaped bendable ribs for different size dishes also folds flat.

You may want to wash and dry delicate glass wear using a grooved pad that fits in your sink or countertop and protects breakables from damage from the hard surface. This  also works well with a divided sink.

Larger dish racks can have a caddy for wine glasses or a  removable utensil bin. A compact rack only 13 X 15 inches with tall sides and a drain spout is perfect for smaller kitchen countertops.

Kitchen Distributors can help you design an eco-friendly kitchen to fit any space.


image via beatrice murch

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