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EcoTop Offers Stylish, Sustainable Kitchen Surface

Posted on February 4, 2011 by meaton

Designers and homeowners are embracing eco-friendly countertops, and one of the products we recommend in this category is EcoTop, which is made with a “50/50 fiber blend of 100% post consumer recycled fiber and rapidly renewable bamboo fiber… bound with a clear 100% water-based system.” EcoTop, which is available in a variety of fade-resistant colors to match your kitchen, was featured in the award-winning San Juan Channel House and was recognized as one of the Top 10 Green Building Products of The Year by Sustainable Industries.

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Manufactured by KlipTech, EcoTop is highly regarded for its durability and style. Just take it from this happy homeowner:

“We installed EcoTop throughout our new house and still love it. The material is easy to work with and allowed us to create thin counter top edges that appear to float above the bamboo cabinets. The cost was half of the estimate for Granite counter tops, but that was an opening special from EcoTop. My only dislike of the material is the color change in the kitchen. A simple glass of water leaves a ring. For the first month of use, I constantly oiled the counters to make it shine. I have now settled into the idea that EcoTop is similar to Concrete and does not stay a true black in a kitchen. The counters in our bathrooms are just fine since we are not placing food and cups on them. This may not happen with other color choices, but the Black does not stay as Jet Black as the product photos. When entertaining, I always oil the EcoTop and buff it with a rag. EcoTop has proven to be very resistant to heat, scratching and crazy toddlers.”

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