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The Surprising Solutions of the Bulthaup B3 Kitchen

Posted on April 28, 2012 by jlamberski

The Bulthaup B3 kitchen is revolutionary in its level of functionality and aesthetic. The solutions provided by the B3 products not only optimize convenience and organization but create a unrivaled minimalism through hidden storage and uninterrupted surfaces. The total effect is absolute seamlessness making for a floating kitchen.

The Multi-function Wall, the anchor from which all features are hung, consists of a stainless steel frame that can support 1,000 kg per meter. 

The Storage Space is comprised of appliance boxes and shutter, base, medium-tall and tall units. 

The Water Point is a combination of mix-and-match supplements including drain boards, sieves, bowls, basins and sliding cutting boards.

Interior Organization, suspended or specialized holders known as Function Elements, and the Handle options the of ultra-precise doors and drawers provide endless customization possibilities.

B3 Kitchen system displays can be viewed at the Bulthaup Denver showroom at 1038 Bannock Street. For more information, contact Kd. at 888.460.4496.

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