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Gaggenau’s Combi-Steam Oven

Posted on May 21, 2011 by ejarrell

Many satisfied clients have selected Gaggenau products to accompany their Kitchen Distributors design. Gaggenau’s high performance appliances deliver consistency, convenience and meal making made easy.

Once you discover the Combi-Steam Oven by Gaggenau you will wonder how your kitchen functioned without it. The unit combines the functions of convection ovens and steamers: the Combi-Steam locks in moisture, preventing drying and wilting, while delivering the finishing touches of a convection oven such as the delicious flaky crusts. Adjust humidity level from 0-100% and receive consistent water supply though a direct water connection. Set temperatures of up to 450 ºF for delicious, slow cooked meals.

In addition to functionality, the Combi-Steam is a stunning addition to any kitchen. A stainless steal interior comes standard with options of a stainless steal-backed  or aluminum-backed glass casing. Selected the sleek, user friendly LDC control panel which holds all of your controls.

Gaggenau fuses beautiful design and performance into each of its works. Call Kitchen Distributors at 303.795. 0665 for your Gaggenau products.

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