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Get an Aged Look with Distressed Fixtures and Fittings

Posted on February 25, 2011 by meaton

Love the aged finishes you might see in an old French country kitchen? Speed the aging process and get the same look with distressed fixtures and fittings by Waterstone. Designed, engineered, and made in the U.S., Waterstone offers four distressed finishes, including Distressed American Bronze, Distressed Antique Brass, Distressed Antique Copper, and Distressed Antique Pewter, as well as six design styles.

The rustic finish is achieved by mechanically marring, nicking, and scratching external surfaces in Waterstone’s controlled manufacturing environment. Despite this wear and tear, all internal parts of the distressed fixtures and fittings, which are all constructed with either solid brass or stainless steel, remain untouched and ready for years of continual service. They outsides are sealed with a clear topcoat to protect the look of the finish. However, the coating can be permeated by abrasive cleaners and scratches, so proper care and maintenance is essential.

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