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Give Your Kitchen Personality with Lighting

Posted on March 18, 2011 by ejarrell

The work of designer Jennifer Nicole shows pendant lighting at its quirky best p/o

Lighting determines the mood of any space, from bright and cheerful to romantic and intimate. These are a few examples of different mood-setting fixtures to add a unique atmosphere to your kitchen.

Zestful: For a cheerful, lively design we recommend pendant lighting. You can mix and match pendants or select sets with sprightly shades. If pendants will be the only lighting source in the kitchen, bulbs should be bright and transparent to accentuate the shades’ design and provide adequate lighting.

Romantic: The average buyer places a chandelier in the dining room or foyer but placing a chandelier in the kitchen is a unique way to add charm. Traditional chandeliers are ornate and romantic. Consider a piece with leaf/floral motifs or crystal droplets. The most important factors in creating romantic lighting are the shades and bulbs. Colored shades (tan, rose, cream) filter the light and cast a gentle color onto the kitchen that can be calming and intimate. If you select a chandelier without shades, use translucent bulbs that are coated in a soothing color.

The chandelier in this design found on inspires romance.

Creative: Track lighting turns your kitchen into a studio! Be the star of your culinary show, creating dishes that are works of art. Track lighting comes in a variety of eclectic shapes and styles that are sure to inspire you. The recommended bulbs are generally bright and lively.

The track lights in this design are modern and creative p/o

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