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Green and Durable EcoTop Countertops

Posted on April 21, 2011 by ejarrell

Image by Kliptech

Kitchen Distributors carries  EcoTop countertops. EcoTop is a division of KlipTech, leaders in environmentally friendly, high-quality and cost effective surfaces. Their innovative technology has helped EcoTop gain the distinction of being one of the Top 10 Green Building Products by Sustainable Industries.

EcoTop is cited as “the most durable, user-friendly , and sustainable surface material available.” It is composed of bamboo fibers and a water-based binding.  Bamboo products are sustainable because bamboo replenishes itself rapidly. The water-based bond between the fibers creates a stain resistant and durable surface. The countertops are long lasting and will not need to be replaced frequently. EcoTops are also scratch resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

EcoTops are easy to clean. Simply wipe and dry the surface. Drying the surface is important to avoid the hardening of mineral deposits in the finish. If you desire to refinish your countertops every 2-3 years, use a clean green scrubbing pad and a cleaner in paste form (such as BonAmi®). Then apply a new coat of EcoTop Finish.

Call Kitchen Distributors for your new EcoTop countertops at 303.795.0665.

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