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Have You Heard of an Appliance Wall?

Posted on April 10, 2013 by kitchendistributors

appliance wall

Appliance wall are both convenient and save space

In Europe, the idea of creating an appliance wall is trending among kitchen appliance companies and cabinet companies alike.

Traditionally, appliances have been stacked in kitchens for aesthetics and to maximize use of space. This placed appliances at heights that had cooks bending or stretching to use them, which could be hard on the back or even cause injuries. Appliance walls are being designed to place kitchen appliances level with counter tops, which positions them at an ideal working height. Imaging removing a large turkey from your oven straight to your counter without having to bend!

With so many time constraints, today’s modern cooks require kitchens that are both convenient and make food preparation easy, without sacrificing beauty. Having all of your kitchen appliances located in one central area at a height that is comfortable for working fulfills all of these requirements.

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