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Inside the Bulthaup B2 Kitchen Design

Posted on February 23, 2011 by meaton

One of our Bulthaup kitchen designs recently won a 2011 National Kitchen & Bath Association design award, and we thought we’d take you inside one of the German manufacturer’s award-winning kitchen series, Bulthaup B2.

Designed in partnership with EOOS, Bulthaup B2 rethinks the traditional kitchen layout yet optimizes essential functions. It creates an open, mobile kitchen that can be put together and extended piece-by-piece while still providing a streamlined, integrated look. Bulthaup B2 includes:

  • a central kitchen island housing the sink and cooktop
  • a multipurpose cabinet for utensils, crockery and food
  • and an appliance unit for the oven, dishwasher, and fridge

Bulthaup B2 represents unprecedented versatility in kitchen design and exhibits the innovation Bulthaup is known for. The Bulthaup brand represents an architecture of the living space that goes beyond the kitchen, be it open living without walls or intimate, sensual living spaces. Bulthaup is the perfect solution for those who accept no compromise, reinterpret conventional planning ideas, and who want to redefine and redesign rooms.

Contact our Bulthaup showroom in Denver to get a Bulthaup B2 kitchen.

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