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It’s Your Kitchen. Make It Work for You!

Posted on March 23, 2011 by ejarrell

This country design promotes clean lines and spaciousness.

Before getting overwhelmed with magazine cut outs and your neighbor’s new kitchen renovation, take a step back and determine what you want from your kitchen. Kitchens serve a distinct purpose in the home; they should also reflect your distinct needs.

The parents on-the-go have very different needs than the bachelorette with a knack for Thai take-out. Their kitchens should not look alike or, in the long run, one party will not be satisfied. Let’s compare these two country-inspired kitchens. On the left, we have a kitchen designed for someone who values clean lines and style but can sacrifice some functionality; this may be our bachelorette’s kitchen. On the bottom right, we have a very similar country style that has been customized for functionality. This is perfect for our family on-the-go since appliances and tools are accessible. Style has not been sacrificed for the sake of function.

Before beginning your kitchen project, take two major points into consideration: the style you want and the purpose your kitchen serves. A good designer will be able to marry the two points together into a perfectly harmonious kitchen.

This country-inspired design promotes easy access to all that a cook needs.

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Image Source (left): Mariette Himes Gomez via AD

Image Source (right): Sandra Nunnerley via AD

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