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Kitchen Colors That Whet the Appetite

Posted on June 16, 2011 by ejarrell

We’ve heard of aromatherapy and light therapy but what about color’s effect on the human body? Recent reports suggest that color can stimulate or blunt your appetite. This tidbit is helpful to keep in mind when decorating your kitchen.

Chosing the right paint color is a matter of taste and science.

Red triggers the appetite. There are claims that the color red increases blood pressure and heart rate in the same way as excitement and anticipation. Like a bull before a matador you see red and you can’t wait to eat! This may be because of so many naturally occurring red meats, fruits, and vegetables. Other colors in the red family such as purple may serve as good alternatives to fire engine red.

In contrast, blue decreases the pulse and tends to make viewers want to sleep instead of eat. There aren’t many naturally blue foods (blueberries and…?) so the body rarely associates the color with food. Grey is another color that is calming and not associated with food so it is rarely used in kitchens to create an inviting, festive atmosphere.

Green is a calming color that can also be refreshing and energizing (though not necessarily stimulating). Numerous fruits and vegetables are green or have green components, connecting the mind with ideas of food.

When selecting paint, appliance colors, natural stone color, and kitchen accents keep these color varieties in mind. We know that the nuances of kitchen design can be overwhelming, so we are here to help! Contact Kitchen Distributors for help, guidance, products and designs for your kitchen or bath.

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Image Source: Danilo Rizzuti

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