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Kitchen Design Experts Reveal Their Favorite Materials

Posted on May 28, 2012 by jlamberski

In a fascinating article that seeks to explore what makes a great kitchen, Architectural Digest designers and architects were asked to name their favorite materials. While some admitted they hold no favorites, most agree that when it comes to a magic number of materials, less is more.

Designer Stephen Shadley says in the article, “I use any materials appropriate to the project, but the fewer the better.” While designer Suzanne Lovell specifically says she thinks it’s best to employ at least three materials, but no more than five.

From the article, here are what a few of the top AD designers and architects say are the materials they prefer to use when designing a great kitchen.


Renowned architect Wallace E. Cunningham says his favorite materials are woods, stones and metals. 

high end colorado kitchen design

Mariette Himes Gomez said her favorite materials were wood, stone and paint. 

colorado kitchen design

Designer Suzanne Lovell says she loves the combination of stainless steel and stone. 

luxury kitchen design colorado

Architect Richard Landry divulged that his favorite materials are stainless steel, concealed plug strip and interesting natural or engineered stones.  

certified kitchen designer colorado


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Photo Credits:
1) By Scott Frances via AD
2) By Erhard Pfeiffer via AD
3) By Jon Miller/Hedrich Blessing via AD
4) By Paul Warchol via AD

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