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Kitchen Design Trends for 2013

Posted on January 29, 2013 by kitchendistributors

More and more homeowners are renovating their kitchens not only as a way to improve the value of their home, but also as a way to improve both its function and form. If you are also considering a kitchen remodel, check out the following kitchen design trends that are predicted to be popular throughout 2013.


Photo via Freshome

  • Open Space – Many homeowners are using the kitchen as a secondary dining area, and are therefore making it into a more open space that allows for social interactions. They are doing this through the use of built-in and concealed appliances, unframed cooktops, comfortable seating and more.
  • Sustainability – Not only are homeowners looking to invest in appliances that are more eco-friendly, they want their kitchens to appear more natural. This is done with the use of ceramic ‘wood look’ tile as well as natural stones.
  • Country Style – The comfort and convenience of the kitchen is important to the cook. The country style kitchen is both comfortable and simple.

These are just a couple trends expected to continue in kitchen renovations this year. For more information on integrating some of these ideas into your kitchen design, contact Kitchen Distributors located in Littleton, Colorado.

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