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Kitchen Must-Haves for No-Nonsense Cooks

Posted on November 2, 2011 by jlamberski

What are the kitchen accessories that no real chef should be without? A recent article in Kitchen + Bath Business reveals how culinary enthusiasts can make their home’s kitchen more like a five-star restaurant kitchen. Here are the kitchen features that bring the most efficiency and organization to cooking spaces. Tell us in the comment which one you think is the ultimate necessity and that at-home cooks benefit from the most!

  • Not one but two sinks (one for cleaning and one for prepping)
  • More drawers and in various sizes/depths
  • Sliding shelves for spices/sauces
  • Appliance cart on wheels
  • Small refrigerator or refrigerator drawer(s)
  • Wall-mounted magnetic strips for knives

Are you an at-home chef in Colorado who is looking to remodel your kitchen to include some or all of these must-haves? Contact Kitchen Distributors at 303.795.0665 to speak to one of our certified designers and learn how you can have the beautiful and highly functional kitchen of your dreams.

Source: Kitchen + Bath Business
Photo via Kitchen + Bath Business

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