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Kitchen Trend: Wallpaper

Posted on March 25, 2013 by kitchendistributors

Kitchen Distributors


Because the kitchen is becoming a space that more and more homeowners are focusing on, many homeowners are looking for more ways to spruce up its design. One way that you can introduce both color and pattern into your kitchen is with the use of wallpaper. Although wallpaper hasn’t been popular for a while, it’s beginning to catch on again.

When choosing wallpaper, you have to be careful. Low quality wallpaper or wallpaper that is textured and porous will begin to stain and absorb cooking odors over time. You should pick out a high quality, cloth backed vinyl wallpaper.

As far as the actual look of the wallpaper goes, you have a lot of options. Think about going with light colors to compliment the natural light of the kitchen. Make sure that whatever color you do choose compliments the color and style of your kitchen cabinets as well. For example, light green wallpaper will go nicely with white cabinets, while a warm yellow and orange patterned wallpaper will compliment butter-yellow cabinets. Don’t be afraid of introducing patterned wallpaper. A smart pattern can help add depth to your kitchen space.

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