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Light and Color: Stunning New THG Faucets

Posted on January 9, 2013 by kitchendistributors

When you look at your home’s bathrooms what do you notice first? Most likely your beautiful countertop, luxury soaker tub, or high end tile floor stands out in the design. Take a second look and consider the faucets. Do they stand out in the bathroom or do they disappear into the design?

THG has recently released several new faucet lines that will breath life into any bathroom:

  • THG Daum Collection The lauded glassmaker master has¬†incorporated beautifully sculpted crystal handles that radiate light and color. These faucets are a unique combination of required function and artistic beauty and no two faucets are alike.
  • Le 11 by Alberto Pinot The legendary Parisian designer has completed this collection of modern faucets and fixtures. Most remarkable is the precision that results in a perfect 90 degree angle formed by the faucet’s waterblade.
  • The Mossi Collection A collection of faucets and matching accessories, the Mossi is marked by designs in clear Lalique crystal or vibrant sun crystal set in chrome or luxbrass.
If you’d like more information about THG faucets contact Kd. in Littleton, Colorado. We’re always searching for innovative ways to incorporate new design trends into our clients’ homes.

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