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Luxury Bathroom Trends for 2013

Posted on December 22, 2012 by kitchendistributors

Luxury bathrooms in 2013 are all about combining nature with a sleek and modern style. If you’re looking to update your bathroom, here are some trends you need to be aware of.contemporary bathroom with nature elements

Nature is making an appearance in the form of wooden floors and cabinets, images of the outdoors and even decorations made from shells and stones.  Natural light is also very popular this season, if possible add a large window or skylight. If that’s not an option add bright lights with decorative fixtures to add interest and light.

Sleek accessories, like towel racks, toilet roll holders and soap holders are key aspects of combining modern with practical. Wall hangings and storage should keep with a minimalist theme, avoiding clutter and giving the room a sense of tranquility.

Eco Efficiency
Don’t think that just because your bathroom is trendy and modern that it can’t also be environmentally conscious. Save money and the environment by installing water saving shower heads and dual flush toilets.

2013 is all about efficiently creating a relaxing, uncluttered and natural environment; embrace the trend and embrace the calm. Contact the certified designers at Kitchen Distributors in Colorado if you need help renovating your Denver area bathroom or kitchen.


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