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Modern Cabinetry with Premier

Posted on May 25, 2011 by ejarrell


Premier Custom-Built is renown for quality, custom woodworking. Since 1991 a small group of artisans have handcrafted cabinetry that is a work of art and testament to the timeless beauty of traditional design. Premiere has expanded its services to include modern woodworking that is as refined as its classic counterpart with the added bonus of sleek, chic design.

Premier’s Contemporary and Mizuki styles offer options for clients with discerning, modern tastes. The Contemporary design brings wood’s natural beauty to the forefront. By emphasizing grain details and hues, this style feels organic, grounded, and ideal for spaces with prominent natural motifs.


Mizuki’s frameless design boasts functionality and style, serving as an excellent foundation for modern design. This style is accentuated with horizontal slats on door or drawer fronts for added visual interest.

Cabinetry by Premier Custom-Built allows homeowners to realize their dreams through custom creations. Call Kitchen Distributors at 303.795. 0665 for your custom Premier cabinetry.

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