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New Bulthaup B3 Design Solutions Introduced at 2012 Milan Furniture Fair

Posted on May 7, 2012 by jlamberski

Paving the way as a pioneer for the future of kitchen design, Bulthaup has taken another step to redefine kitchen organization and style. Bulthaup recently introduced a collection of innovative design concepts as a part of their Via Durini installation for the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair.

These new products include a new, ergonomic interior fitting system for the drawers and pull-outs of the Bulthaup b3 kitchen. No longer are users forced to organize with right-angled inserts. Now, users can easily and quickly create an interior system using functional prisms and high-quality accessories for a custom design that can be changed at any time. With this intuitive and flexible system, drawers and pull-outs are adapted to the individual, as opposed to the individual having to adapt to organization systems.

“The user becomes the “director” of his kitchen, with the power to redefine its scenography . . . The drawers continue to serve as a means for storing utensils such as knives, forks, pots and pans. But now they can be freely configured, and flexibly reconfig- ured.”

Coloradans will be able to witness the organic functioning and attractive aesthetic qualities of these practical new products at the Kd. Bulthaup showroom in Denver. For questions or more information, contact Kd. at 888-460-4496.



Photos via Bulthaup

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