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Remodeling 101: Interior Design Color Boards

Posted on December 14, 2012 by kitchendistributors

Interior design color boards offer a great way to keep remodeling ideas together in a visual form. If you are taking on a remodel and need help organizing your ideas, follow these steps on making a color board. To get started you will need a foam board, then…

  1. Gather the cloth swatches, wallpaper samples, paint chips, plans, photos and other items you want to make part of your remodeled space.
  2. Sort your idea board items by those that will sit flush with the board and those that will sit higher than the board. Flush items are those against the wall or floor. The higher items are furniture and other items.
  3. Mount the samples you want to sit higher to small pieces of foam board. Use rubber cement for heavy items and a glue stick for lighter ones.
  4. Layout all the items you want to attach to the board to get a visually appealing presentation.
  5. Attach everything to the foam board using rubber cement and a glue stick.
  6. Create labels for each item so you know what it is and where you got it. This is the place to note manufacturers, stores, and item numbers.
  7. Let everything dry overnight and clean up any rough edges.

Now that your design board is complete call Kd. so we can help you create the space of your dreams!

Image: Room Planners


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