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The Before & After of a KD Bulthaup Kitchen Remodel

Posted on July 30, 2011 by jlamberski

Kitchen Distributor designers recently took on a project to turn a dark, cramped kitchen into a light, open and efficient kitchen using our line of Bulthaup products. With their premium minimalist design and German ingenuity, our Bulthaup products allowed our designers to efficiently use the small space to create a highly functional kitchen that looks beautifully chic and contemporary.

Before the KD remodel, the kitchen did not offer much aesthetic appeal while also having functionality issues. The door openings, the position of the plumbing and the unique configuration of the space all posed to be challenges that KD was determined to address. The homeowner needed accessible storage and more space for cooking and dining while also wanting the kitchen to have a clean, wide open look.

As you can see, KD replaced the bulky wall cabinets by the sink and windows with tall Bulthaup units and mid height cabinets that made the space feel larger while offering additional storage. Appliances were built-in to create a seamless look that maximized available space. The sink are is now the ultimate cleaning and prep station with a laser welded sink and flat basin with a sliding cutting board. The increased depth bar finished in easy-cleaning graphite laminate provides multifunctional countertop space with an open are below to make the room appear more spacious. The sleek and simple island hood adds vertical interest and emphasis to the kitchen as well as extra shelf space.

KD can take your small space and turn it into a kitchen that is perfectly customized to your needs and personal style. To immediately start creating the highly functional and stunning kitchen you have always wanted, contact KD at 303.795.0665 (Littleton, CO) or 303.777.5409 (Denver) or visit one of the KD showrooms.

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