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An Inspiring Whimsical Denver Restaurant Design

Posted on March 9, 2012 by jlamberski

While foodies are raving about the crawfish beignets and kale-stuffed quail, we are gushing about the stunning design of the Beatrice & Woodsley, restaurant and new Denver hotspot. According to a recent Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, restaurateur Kevin Delk was inspired by the space’s original lath-and-plaster wall and the D.H. Lawrence poem “Things Men Have Made.” Delk envisioned Beatrice & Woodsley resembling a carefully crafted and convicted log cabin in the woods.

Defined by gorgeous aspen trees, the décor is wonderfully whimsical allowing Denver locals to escape the urban landscape into an enchanted forest. Delk’s approach for making his vision a reality was to create an “aesthetic budget” which details all of the characteristics, elements and other features that he wanted in the space. As Delk told Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

“The key is being in touch with who you are and what you appreciate in life.”

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Photos by Jason Jung via Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

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