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Two Kd. Kitchens Featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

Posted on September 14, 2011 by jlamberski

The CH&L September 2011 article “Kitchens!” by Sally Stich and Cheryl Meyers spotlights four kitchen designs that “will make you swoon.” Two of these four kitchens were designed by our very own KD designers William Landeros, Jed MacKenzie and Bill Livingston! Drawing style tips from the designers of these “fabulously unique kitchens,” CH&L writers Sally and Cheryl sought to inspire homeowners to rethink their own kitchen designs.

William Landeros and Jed MacKenzie’s design of the Cherry Hills home renovation was featured for its modern minimalism.

The style tips that Sally and Cheryl gathered from this modern yet inviting kitchen were focused on the thoughtful contrasts. The clean lines created by concealing the hardware gave the kitchen its minimalist look while warmth was added with the oval-shaped lighting that contrasts the hard, linear surfaces and the cherry bar top that contrasts the metal and monochromatic finishes.

Bill Livingston’s design was recognized for its transformation of a dark, cramped kitchen into this light, open design specifically with the cook in mind.

Sally and Cheryl highlighted the “Hidden Beauty” of this radiant kitchen with style tips on achieving a successful all-white design. The island, granite and backsplash have light blue accents that brilliantly break up the white to keep the kitchen from feeling too cold. The island is slightly wider on the ends, which makes the counter and the surrounding space feel less boxy and more open. The traditional style was spiced up with contemporary faucets, hardware and stainless steel hood for an overall look that is simply stunning.

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Photos via Colorado Homes & Lifestyles.

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