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Booth Seating for High-End Kitchens

Posted on August 16, 2012 by jlamberski

Booths are no longer reminding us of those less-than-desirable restaurant chains. Now making their mark in the high-end kitchen department, newer booth designs are surprising us with their innovation, versatility and aesthetic appeal. From eclectic and funky to sophisticated and elegant, booth seating can be adapted into any kitchen style. With decisions on materials, architectural design and other details, there are so many ways to achieve a custom look with kitchen booth seating.

Go with a bold color and create a vibrant contemporary look with a retro flair.

kitchen design colorado

Opt for tufted cushions and pair it with luxurious marble for a more refined booth design.

kitchen designer colorado

Design a high-back booth and incorporate wainscoting for a more traditional finish.

Achieve a modern look with a kitchen booth of edgy stainless steel.

kitchen design showroom colorado

Add stunning architecture to a modern style kitchen with curvy booth designs.

Go bare with a wooden booth to create a warm, earthy feel.

Design booth seating with a stone fireplace for ultimate dining ambiance in a modern rustic kitchen.

Tell us in a comment which booth you’d like to dine in.

Let’s explore what kitchen seating and dining arrangements will enhance your kitchen design. With experience in styles from French country to ultra modern and every style in between, our team of certified kitchen designers can turn any outdated space into a gorgeous, functional space that reflects your personality. Contact Kitchen Distributors in Denver or Littleton, Colorado at 888.460.4496.

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