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Why a White Kitchen is Timeless

Posted on July 8, 2011 by jlamberski

An all-white kitchen can remain classic for years to come as it is easily adaptable and can take on whatever style you desire. A clean, bright, not to mention spacious, look never goes out of style (yes, a white kitchen can create the illusion of more space).

There are a variety of other design advantages to a white kitchen. Accents and features are more effective and meaningful. You choose where the attention is drawn: the cabinets, knobs, chairs, hardware, curtains, lighting, rugs or even dish towels. Since some of these are elements that can be easily and inexpensively updated, you can achieve whatever style you desire anytime you feel inspired.

Everything goes with white. Any kind of color or texture will look its best next to white from a black lamp to a yellow lemon. As one designer Barbara Sallick says, “All food looks really beautiful in a white kitchen.”

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Information and photos courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

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