For more than 60 years, the Hartman family has been dedicated to the fine art of creating truly memorable kitchens. As Denver’s leading residential and commercial kitchen design company, Kitchen Distributors (Kd.) is dedicated to presenting clients with the most extraordinary products, materials, craftsmen and creativity available—along with unparalleled expertise to guide them through the detailed process of creating a “living space.”


We provide exceptional and unique product solutions. Kitchen Distributors offers our customers both cutting-edge new designs as well as time-tested favorites proven by our years of experience.

We create stunning spaces. Our finished kitchens are true works of art that reflect both the passion, expertise and talent of our designers and craftsmen—and the precise wishes of our clients.

We are designers and dreamers. As Denver’s leading kitchen experts, we’re always looking for new ways to express our creativity. We’re quality-obsessed and style-agnostic, never boxed in a single brand or genre.

We design for our clients—not for our egos. Deep and focused listeners, we are tuned in to our clients’ unique needs so that the end result is always the best possible expression of their personal desires.

We design relationships. Kitchens may be our physical product, but as a family business, our relationships are our true legacy. We are proud of our loyal customers and devoted to the communities we serve.