For more than 60 years, Kd. has been dedicated to helping our clients create kitchens that truly become the heart of the home: equal parts beautiful and functional, and always reflective of the people who inhabit them. As our name suggests, we began our business as kitchen distributors, providing top-of-the line kitchens to commercial clients — a lively, exacting group who helped us build a strong foundation of both form and performance.

But when we opened our hearts and minds to Colorado’s residential kitchens in the early 1980s, we tapped into a rich vein of artistic creativity that has stirred our senses and ignited our passions ever since. We developed a taste for homemaking, you might say, and soon expanded our services to include entertainment centers, beautiful bathrooms, luxurious closets…and essentially any room our clients wished to infuse with elegance and efficiency. We are dreamers, designers and licensed contractors. Commercial or residential, small or spacious — come to us with the tiniest spark of an idea or a fully formed plan. We’ll make it happen.

So, while one might say the “K” in our name continues to stand for “kitchen, etcetera,” the “d” has definitely evolved. It stands for design. For detail. For distinguished products and depth of knowledge. But most of all, it stands for delight — that indescribable moment when our clients’ dreams become real.