Boulder Residence

Our kitchen design combines efficiency with elegance, featuring an optimized work triangle with elevated ovens, concealed ventilation, an appliance garage, a paneled refrigerator, and extensive pantry storage for a tidy space. The layout encourages engagement with the outdoors, with an induction cooktop and sink near an integrated seating area for convivial gatherings. Storage is smartly integrated into the island’s back, enhancing functionality without sacrificing style.

The mix of matte lacquer and laminate surfaces offers durability and ease of cleaning, maintaining the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. Slim quartz composite countertops contrast beautifully with a thick walnut wood veneer bar top, introducing sophistication and warmth. An anodized aluminum backsplash adds brightness and offers a practical yet stylish area for kitchen accessories, exemplifying a seamless blend of form, function, and durability in a space designed for both cooking and socializing.