The Cove Dishwasher by Sub-Zero/Wolf, the newest addition to your kitchen.

Apr 11, 2022 | All

Cove dishwasher
The all new Cove dishwasher, seen here in a fully integrated application. Photo credit – Sub-Zero/Wolf

New for 2018, this premium offering from the Sub-Zero Wolf company fills a gap in their product line that has left consumers wanting for a number of years. The luxury dishwasher sets itself apart with a number of high end features.

  • Adjustable interiors to fit any dishes – All of the green on the interior of the Cove are adjustment points. A height-adjustable middle rack and fold-down tines fit any size or combination of dishes, making room for everything from large serving dishes to delicate wine glasses.
  • LED lit interior – Efficient and bring LEDs make loading, unloading, and inspecting your dishes effortless. It also lends a really classy and refined look to the dishwasher.
dishes effortless
The Cove’s interior has three trays of adjustable storage for all kinds of dishes. Photo credit – Sub-Zero/Wolf
  • Spotlessly Clean Dishes – 43 jets provide powerful multidirectional cleaning, and 4-stage water filtration ensures only clean water is washing your dishes.
  • Design Flexibility – Cove can accept any custom cabinet panels, or is available with a stainless front to seamlessly slide into any existing kitchen.
Design FlexibilityWith a vast array of custom wash and dry options, Cove dishwashers ensure that every dish and utensil emerge from the dishwasher perfectly clean and dry. Photo credit – Sub-Zero/Wolf
  • USA made and rigorously tested to ensure dependability – Sub/Zero Wolf has always been excellent when it comes to customer service and reliability, and by using high-grade materials with top notch engineering, Cove dishwashers are designed to last at least 20 years. Built and tested in Madison, Wisconsin, engineers stress test designs to simulate years of use, and offer a full 5 year warranty – the best in the industry.

At this price point, $2,099, Cove needs to be something special for it to surpass the state of the art Miele and Bosch models that are already on the market. Looking at all this offers, we feel it has the potential to be every bit as good and even better than it’s competitors, and only time will tell as to whether or not it will last its 20 year claimed lifespan. We are excited to use these once Roth Living gets their new showroom up and running, and see if they live up to the hype!!

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