Denver Walnut Elegance

In this exquisite project, a stunning tall elevation takes center stage, featuring vertical walnut veneer that elegantly houses ovens, an integrated refrigerator, and freezer. The island and sink elevation showcase the luxurious cashmere soft touch lacquer, appreciated by our clients for its suede-like feel. The choice of this finish adds a tactile and sophisticated element to the design.

The backsplash and upper cabinets contribute to the overall elegance with a pristine white glass finish. Delving into thoughtful details, the sink elevation boasts a 2 cm thick countertop, while the island showcases a cascaded 5 cm countertop, creating a seamless and monobloc appearance.
This project is a testament to the meticulous integration of luxurious materials and tactile finishes, resulting in a kitchen that exudes both visual appeal and a refined touch.