Drab to Dapper

This renovation transformed an outdated kitchen into an open-concept masterpiece, emphasizing timeless elegance and improved functionality. By removing an angled peninsula, a structural wall, and a sheetrocked niche, the space was instantly opened up, improving flow and integration with surrounding areas. The centerpiece, a spacious island with seating, encourages interaction and serves as a gathering spot, topped with soapstone countertops for their enduring appeal. A custom blackened steel hood above the island adds a striking focal point.

Custom white inset Rutt cabinetry enhances storage and design cohesion, complemented by a concealed coffee station next to a cozy nook for family gatherings. The lighting design, featuring task, ambient, and accent layers, creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and highlights the kitchen’s elegant features. This project showcases the power of thoughtful design to merge functionality and aesthetics, transforming the kitchen into a space that is both timeless and inviting, where every detail contributes to a harmonious and visually stunning environment.