East Washington Park

The Washington Park kitchen remodel is a testament to blending functionality with aesthetic design, aiming to create a space perfect for both cooking and entertaining. At the heart of the kitchen is a La Cornue range top, a symbol of culinary sophistication, paired with a stunning backlit onyx stone backsplash for visual allure. Double ovens are ingeniously concealed to maintain sleekness.

The island, featuring a mix of black-brown oak with aluminum edges and a soft-touch lacquer finish, acts as a central hub for cooking and socializing. Surrounding the range, white glass wall panels enhance the space’s elegance. A walnut bar top on the island introduces warmth, inviting guests to gather.
Countertops throughout are crafted from bulthaup’s resilient 1 cm quartz, ensuring durability and style cohesion. This remodel elevates the kitchen beyond its traditional role, merging practicality with design to create a haven for culinary endeavors and social interaction.

Bell Madden