Vision In The Art

For this Cherry Creek project, we aimed to blend an extensive art and wine collection into a contemporary space, prioritizing aesthetics and functionality.

Strategic repositioning and the removal of walls defined the creation of an open and art-centric floor plan. The result is a generously spacious environment where art takes center stage. Meticulously crafted built-in cabinets were designed to showcase and highlight the artwork, adding sophistication to the overall aesthetic.
The wine collection was displayed in a frameless glass surrounded by a chiller, which was strategically placed outside the kitchen, becoming a central focal point visible from the living room.
Despite space constraints in the kitchen, our design maximized functionality. High-gloss, slab door cabinets reflect a contemporary theme, intentionally absent of distracting hardware. Honed Mont Blanc Quartzite introduces subtle texture and depth to the clean lines, creating a harmonious balance.
The end result is a stunning contemporary kitchen seamlessly integrated with art and wine showcases.