Kitchen Remodeling

With over 70 years of design expertise, we’ve developed a profound sensitivity to our clients’ desires. As a family-owned business, we recognize the kitchen’s role as a central gathering place. It’s this understanding that drives us to approach each project with the same meticulous care and skill that we’d apply to our very own kitchen.

Your existing kitchen design shouldn’t be a constraint. You deserve the freedom to shape it according to your vision. Your kitchen should echo your unique values and identity. That’s precisely why we guide you through every phase of the kitchen remodeling journey, ensuring you witness your dream kitchen take form without the burden of timeline or budget worries.

It’s time to reimagine how you experience your kitchen remodel. You no longer need to question the feasibility of your ideas. At Kitchen Distributors, we’re dedicated to ensuring your kitchen mirrors your ideals. You imagine and ​craft your new kitchen, and we transform it into reality through expert design and craftsmanship.

It’s time to re-envision the way you experience your kitchen remodel. You don’t need to wonder whether your idea is feasible anymore. At Kitchen Distributors, we care about whether your kitchen reflects your ideals. You imagine and envision your new kitchen. We’ll design it and bring it to life.

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Kitchen Designers Who Help You Reimagine

With over 70 years of experience, we’ve learned that every kitchen holds the potential for transformation and redesign. Our team collaborates with some of the most accomplished designers and tradespeople in the industry. We meticulously oversee every aspect of your remodel, ensuring that your kitchen renovation unfolds precisely as you’ve envisioned it, down to the smallest detail.

Design Around Your Preferences

Your current kitchen design shouldn’t confine your aspirations. At Kitchen Distributors, we believe in liberating your imagination. Picture your remodel with a fresh perspective, and entrust us to bring your dream kitchen to life. Visiting our showroom is the first step, where our expert designers will diligently n​ote your every kitchen preference and aspiration.

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You Design. We’ll Remodel.

At Kitchen Distributors, we guide you through each phase of the remodeling journey. We’re equipped with an extensive network of trusted vendors and offer a diverse range of cabinet, countertop, and fixture materials. With our support, your exact vision can seamlessly transform into reality.

Choose Your Materials

Our commitment to your project goes beyond the initial design phase. We offer expert guidance throughout the material selection process, empowering you with greater control over your budget. This collaborative approach not only ensures a seamless partnership with our experienced contractors but also helps you make informed decisions about your investment. Drawing from our extensive sourcing experience, we identify and procure the most durable materials tailored to your kitchen remodel

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The Remodeling Process

Our seven-step process ensures your kitchen remodel looks and feels exactly the way you saw it in your head. From the discovery phase to the support after we complete your remodel, we ensure you feel confident with your kitchen.

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We collaborate with you from the start in our showroom. Bring us the existing plan for your kitchen. If you don’t have them, simply explain your vision to us. We can show you the numerous options that can bring your kitchen remodel to life. Once we discover your spatial dimensions, material, finish, and appliance preferences, we can more adequately plan the schedule and budget.

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Initial Presentation

At the initial presentation, your Kitchen Distributors designer will present the proposed plan and review the estimate. They will go over the ideas for the project as well as the suggested finishes, product recommendations, and the reasoning behind their choices. By the end of this meeting, your designer will have enough information to proceed to the next phase of the process and create a retainer agreement for your project.

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Design & Development

After the initial presentation, we refine, and finalize your remodel design. This includes the structural and mechanical considerations, such as the site condition and dimension. You will also have the communication method ironed out with your designer.

Your designer will create a set of sketches, drawings, and computer renderings to help you visualize the remodel. The details of the spatial arrangement, materials, finishes, appliances, and accessories will be finalized during this stage and you will have a clearly defined scope of work throughout the project completion.

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Final Presentation + Agreement

During the final presentation phase, all drawings and construction documents are submitted for formal agreement and approval. The final project specifications are decided here as well as the project timeline. After a 50% deposit, we release detailed drawings and specifications to the appropriate parties, such as general contractors.



With detailed drawings, specifications, and approved samples, our cabinetmakers can craft your dream remodel. The design team will assist in the final selection of stone slabs, tiles, and other various elements. They will also be able to coordinate the installation schedule, which includes the arrival of all the remodel elements.

Installation & Construction

Installation & Construction

With turnkey remodeling as a licensed contractor, Kitchen Distributors has over 20 years of experience installing custom cabinetry, appliances, and kitchen equipment. As a one-source contract, Kitchen Distributors is here to guide your project throughout its entirety.

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After-completion Support

With Kitchen Distributors, we understand remodeling is a stressful task. You want everything to be specified to your exact desires and we’re here to ensure you not only have the kitchen of your dreams in place, but that you can also maximize it to its fullest potential. Our designers will meet with you in your home after the project is completed to discuss the kitchen’s features and confirm you are satisfied with the overall look, feel, and functionality of your kitchen remodel.


Kitchen Remodeling with Experts Who Walk You Through the Entire Process

Your kitchen remodel timeline is tailored to your unique preferences and project scope. Whether you’re working with a compact space and seeking a creative remodel approach or tackling a larger kitchen for a comprehensive transformation, we’re your dedicated partners throughout the process. We work closely with you to define a precise timeline and select materials that align with your budget, making your remodel a one-of-a-kind opportunity to breathe new life into your living space.

Take Control of Your Remodel with Kitchen Distributors

We take pride in our ability to deliver projects promptly and within your specified budget. Our seasoned team collaborates closely with you to design and execute your remodel efficiently, all while upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Throughout the entire journey, you’ll have a dedicated designer by your side, guiding you through each phase until your project is seamlessly completed. Our ultimate goal is your absolute satisfaction with your remodel.

It’s time to revolutionize your kitchen space. You need not be confined by its current layout. Kitchen Distributors is here to attentively listen to your preferences and ideas. You visualize, and we’ll skillfully design and breathe life into your dream kitchen remodel.