Luxury Features to Consider for Your Custom Kitchen Project

Apr 13, 2023 | All

A successful luxury kitchen design or kitchen remodel requires much more than simply updating your cabinets or countertops. When it comes to creating a space that offers both elegant aesthetics and durable functionality, the details matter just as much as the core elements. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, modern, or traditional style for your new space, you’ll want to enlist the expertise of a kitchen design professional.

This article examines a few of the design elements you may want to consider including in your custom kitchen project and give you plenty of ideas for creating the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Distributors brings over 70 years of experience and enduring dedication and passion to every project. We’re proud to create spaces that define the perfect balance between form and function, allowing the homeowner to use the kitchen for much more than food prep and cooking.

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Open Seating Arrangements

An open seating area in your kitchen can upgrade the functionality of the entire space. Whether it’s a small breakfast table, bar stools for your kitchen island, or an entire dining area, seating makes it easier to spend time in the kitchen as a family.

The chairs and accompanying arrangements should be located outside of the central kitchen triangle, between the stove, sink, and refrigerator, so they don’t interfere with the workflow of the space. The design of these chairs can either work seamlessly with your other central elements or add distinctive flair with new bold colors and textures.

High-Functioning Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are essential for modern kitchens and for opening up your space to other rooms in the house. The open floor plan they allow for is also a great way to integrate more natural light. A kitchen island can serve as the centerpiece of your workspace in almost any kitchen arrangement.

The extra storage and cabinet space are key benefits that come with an island. Remember to think carefully about overhead lighting, room for a toe-kick, and outlets for appliances when visualizing what this centerpiece will look like.

Smart Home Lighting

When you’re thinking about lighting elements, such as pendant lighting, you’ll need to examine both their functional purpose and visual appeal. Luxury kitchen island lighting can be a standout focal point that often offers the same value as a modern art installation. However, it doesn’t always bring the practical value of standard recess lighting. Regardless of which fixtures you’re thinking about for your dream kitchen, you should consider smart home lighting.

Smart lighting systems for kitchens allow homeowners to program their light fixtures and sync the lights with other smart home devices and systems. You can set up your lights to operate on a schedule based on when you get home and when you expect to use your space. You can also control the intensity of the lights from any mobile device, so you can always set up the perfect atmosphere and mood.

Innovative Pantry Space

One of the most common concerns homeowners have about their existing kitchen is that there isn’t enough storage space. Integrating a walk-in pantry or custom kitchen cabinets into your custom kitchen plans ensures that all your appliances, containers, and foodstuffs have a dedicated home that’s off the countertop and removed from the central food prep and gathering areas.

Cabinetry and shelving for luxury pantry designs are customizable, allowing the pantry and the center of the kitchen to become a single seamless space.

Durable Luxury Appliances

Upgrading your kitchen with luxury selections isn’t just about selecting new cabinetry and countertop materials. Your central appliances, such as your refrigerator, range, and dishwasher, all play crucial roles in creating more functional value for your kitchen.

Kitchen Distributors curates appliances that match your preferred design style and blend with your existing design elements and cabinet configurations. Our exclusive partners and vendors allow our design team to find outstanding appliance configurations that match the lifestyle of each homeowner.

Custom Range Hood

A custom range hood is an impressive upgrade for any kitchen. The metalwork and color combinations available with these installations are typically set to match your space’s other colors and textures, including your countertops and custom cabinet hardware. Whether you’re selecting brass, copper, or stainless steel for your range hood, this luxury feature will make your kitchen all the more outstanding.

Natural Light & Connection With the Outdoors

Award-winning kitchen designs feature large windows and skylights that open up the space to meet the outdoors. An abundance of natural light allows your kitchen to feel comfortable yet energized, ensuring the room becomes the true heart of the home.

Greenery and other natural tones in your backyard or along the sides of your house can easily become a centerpiece of your custom kitchen designs so that the final product looks and feels timeless. French doors are also an attractive way to bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Creating Luxury Custom Kitchen Designs

Ready to build the kitchen of your dreams but still need some luxury kitchen ideas? Kitchen Distributors offers a customized, tailored approach to creating a space that matches your design and lifestyle preferences. Curated selections for cabinetry, countertops, high-end features like a marble backsplash, and appliances work together seamlessly to create an attractive yet timeless heart of the home.

For cooking and entertaining, your kitchen can become the heart of your home. To get started on your kitchen design project, visit our Littleton, Aspen, or Denver kitchen design showroom. Gather inspiration, step into our arrangements, and speak with our professional kitchen design team. Contact us today at +1 (303) 795-0665.

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