What’s Cooking: 2023 Kitchen Design Trends

Mar 6, 2023 | All

At Kitchen Distributors, we’re focused on creating high-quality, timeless kitchens that will last a lifetime because, let’s be honest, you likely aren’t remodeling your kitchen every year – nor should you! With that said, our designers still have a duty to our clients to be “in-the-know” about new styles, trends, and innovations in materials, appliances, construction, etc. It’s our job to be the go-to on all things kitchen design. After all, our kitchen designers never know when something new could pop up that ends up being exactly what they need for a project. Now that we are well into 2023 and have had some time to digest the new year, we’ve rounded up a list of some of our favorite trends to emerge thus far. Check them out below!

2023 kitchen design trends

Dark Wood Stains are Favored

Bye, bye all white kitchen – hello, dark wood cabinetry. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with a white kitchen, but after several years of the all white kitchen being on top, you can’t blame us for craving richer colors. This year, people are welcoming character into their kitchens with warm wood tones that offset lighter elements.

Islands are Being Reimagined

If you follow interior designers on social media, you’ve probably noticed that there have been a lot of stand-out kitchen island moments the last several months. The island has always been an important factor in the design of a kitchen, but this year there’s a renewed approach to selecting the right one. Designers are stepping outside of the box with new shapes and curves and even repurposing antique workbenches and tables to act as this main kitchen feature.

traditional kitchen designer in colorado

Statement Making Stone

2023 is the year for trading sleek for statement-making when it comes to our countertops and backsplash. High-contrast stones, such as deep veined marble, provide a heightened level of visual interest and luxury that engages the eye. You will be seeing more and more bold stones making their way into kitchens this year and for many years to come.

Custom Cabinet Details

As we are in the business of custom kitchens, this has to be one of our favorite trends this year. We love adding a unique, personal touch to kitchens with custom details such as bespoke hardware or decorative inserts – and it turns out you do too! Over the last year, people are more on board with making the investment into these special, one-of-a-kind details.

high end kitchen cabinets

Taupe Over White

We weren’t sure this day would ever come, but it’s here – the day that taupe is taking precedence in the kitchen over white! It’s true. As people are looking for a change up to white, but not too much of a change, they are turning to taupe. In doing this, the kitchen remains light and bright, but has a completely different, elevated mood than a white room.

Ornate Architectural Details

In the interior design world this year, we are seeing more art as cabinetry, furniture, etc than we have in awhile. As we move away from overly-sleek kitchens, ornate architectural details, such as decorative trim and exposed beams, are gaining popularity. Bespoke kitchens are having a moment therefore we expect to see a lot more furniture-style millwork in kitchens this year.

And there you have it – our favorite kitchen design trends of 2023. From dark wood stains to custom cabinet details, we love to see what’s in and what’s out as the years pass by. When trends come and go, we are proud to always lead with “timeless” as the goal of our kitchen designs. Speaking of which… have you decided it’s time for a kitchen renovation?

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